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Online booking is now closed, but you can still join SHOTORAMA – just turn up on the day. We have availability in the following workshops:

1A) Embusen, stances, footwork, and what they tell us about kata.
1C) bunkai-ORAMA!
1D) Elastic

2B) Introduction to the Asai-Ryu kata.
2D) from kihon ippon to jiyu-kumite

3A) The basics of kata training – kata as kihon and kihon as kata.
3B) Breaking your habits.
3T) Optimising training and preventing injury.

4B) Posture & movement in kihon, kata and kumite.
4C) Operant conditioning.
4T) Legal considerations of self-defence.

Price at the door is £30.

There is also availability in the kids’ programme – price is £20.

Online booking is now closed, however you can still attend SHOTORAMA and simply pay at the door – £30 per person.