Kids’ Programme

In order to ensure that the event meets the needs of children optimally we have introduced a completely separate training programme for kids. This enables us to deliver content that is better suited to meet the needs and abilities of both children and adults. The children’s programme is intended for children between the ages of 7 and 14. If your child is younger, but you think they can benefit from a whole day of karate and enjoy it, please contact us to discuss.

To make the programme simpler for kids and parents the programme does not offer any workshop selection. Instead the kids will receive training in four areas: basics, kata, kumite, and speed training. At the beginning of the day the kids will be divided into four groups and receive training in the four areas through the day from one of the instructors in the team.

The programme will be delivered by an fantastic group of instructors with extensive experience in both karate and working with kids:

  • sensei Blyth Baker, 4th dan – programme lead
  • sensei Dave Austin, 5th dan
  • sensei Jamie Sims, 4th dan
  • sensei Emma Ann, 3rd dan
  • sensei Chris Mulville, 3rd dan

Book your child’s place at SHOTORAMA 2019 here.