Shotorama: The Festival of Shotokan

Welcome to the official page for SHOTORAMA! You found us 🙂 Thanks for coming; great to see you. We always welcome old friends and new here at the internet’s best website for the grooviest cross-association festival of shotokan karate! Here at shotorama towers, the fictional gothic castle where we all live together and have adventures, the excitement is building. We have booked the rooms. We have rounded up the instructors. Somebody (me) has updated the website, and made a new logo! It’s time to gooooooooooo!!!!

So. We hope you are all well; you’re doing a great job and we’re proud of you! The world is still in challenging times, and we send you all the peace and love we have and hope that at least some of it finds a home with you. Most of all, though, we hope we get to see you at SHOTORAMA 2022! It might be just what you need, to come and share the martial art you love with the friendliest faces in town. Join us!

If you’ve been to SHOTORAMA before, you know it is never quite the same twice. New instructors, new schedule, and new friends that maybe you just didn’t meet yet. It’s all waiting for you; find out more as you explore and we update the website, but RIGHT NOW can block out this day in your calendar:

Sunday 18th September 2022
12:00 – 17:00
Guildford Spectrum

How could it be the same without you?!

SHOTORAMA is absolutely nothing less than a festival of shotokan karate and all its flavours, created and attended by your friends across the karate world. We have curated a packed and varied program for all ages and abilities, where you get to choose the classes that suit you best, and give you an experience you just can’t get anywhere else.

“It really was a cracking day! We really enjoyed training and seeing so many new and familiar faces from all over the South”

Really, though, it will be ace! Read more about the event through this website via the menu, meet the instructors, read the detailed programme description and head over to the 2018, 2019, or 2021 sections for pictures and listings from previous years to see what it is all about!

So why all this most excellent fuss?

Across the karate world, there are an enormous number of skilled and experienced karate instructors doing their thing at their own clubs, but too often we only get to be taught by the few that live nearby. Imagine what we could be missing! Over the years, at the special courses and squad trainings, we have made many friends – let’s start to bring them together!

Read the legend of how SHOTORAMA came to be, the story told in hushed and reverent tones by candlelight now for well over 3 years (4 years).

It is our hope that SHOTORAMA will continue to be a place to celebrate our experienced instructors, to meet and play with our friends, and most of all to share that love of shotokan karate which – literally, as well as spiritually – brings us together.

Have a look around the site, and stay in touch (like us on our facebook page) for more details as we announce the schedule, instructor line up, session details, and more! Booking will be opening soon, so remember to sign up early! 

Best wishes from the SHOTORAMA team here at shotorama towers:

Avi Wolfsthal, Neil Jerome, John Parnell.

“Anything ‘-orama’ is fun.”    – Jerry Seinfeld