One of the aspects of SHOTORAMA that we are most excited about is the inclusion of a series of ‘workshops’, targeted at specific topics and ideas and inspired by our instructors’ experiences. Listed below you will find the workshop titles together with a very brief explanation of what will be covered. In theory, all workshops are open to all grades, although some workshops assume a higher level of experience (ie familiarity with higher kata, kumite experience, etc) so this is indicated.

How the ‘shops’ will ‘work’:

The SHOTORAMA timetable will have 3 ’rounds’ of workshops, where multiple workshops will run in parallel, so you will be able to attend only one in each ’round’.

The idea behind the workshops is that as well as being specialised topics, places are limited so that instructors can work closely and give individual feedback. When you use the booking form, we will ask you to please indicate which workshops you would like to attend in each round, or you may also indicate that you intend to sit that round out, or that you are happy to be assigned to any workshop. Workshop places are limited, so please sign up early to ensure your place! Hopefully we can make as many people happy as possible – we think this might be the first time this has been tried, so bear with us!

Not sure what to choose? Confused by the variety of options? Our team has created the SHOTORAMA tasting menu to help you choose.

Workshop Round 1:

1a) Shot From a Different Canon: Broaden your horizons and study one of the many kata not considered part of the shotokan canon.

1b) The Need for Speed: Taking your sharpness and putting it in the sharpness-ification machine, a detailed look at how to generate speed across all aspects of your karate.

1c) Better Angles of our Nature: Kumite isn’t limited to face-on! Drawing from kata bunkai principles, we will defend and move in all directions, and develop better positioning.

1d) Right on Kyu: Kumite workshop aimed at kyu grades, focussing on commitment, accuracy, and control while adapting to varying circumstances.

Workshop Round 2:

2a) Kaeshi Me If You Can: A rare chance to focus on kaeshi-ippon kumite, refining techniques and strategy.

2b) The Secrets of Psy Ops: Jiyu kumite turned up to eleven: all the dirty tricks not included in polite karate lessons. Suitable for advanced practitioners.

2c) Shodance Like Nobody’s Watching: Get an instructor’s eye view of shodan jiyu kumite, what the examiners are (and are not) looking for, including common mistakes and how to deal with likely scenarios. *Must be familiar with jiyu kumite.

2d) Zero to Hero in an Hour: Special focus for those more recently starting karate – learn what makes a good karateka regardless of how much you know, and discover the many variations possible with just the most basic techniques.

Workshop Round 3:

3a) Steely Dan Course Preparation: Mock grading and specific feedback for those intent on taking the special dan course in the near future. *Dan grades only.

3b) Elastic to What You’re Good At: Muscle control is half the story – develop faster snapping techniques through the use of the body’s own elasticity.

3c) Ain’t Sittin’ on the Fence: When karate meets the real world, a martial art has to graduate to being a self-defence system.

3d) Footloose, Footloose: Where your feet go, your body follows! Some attention on good footwork, using the ground for poise and acceleration across all aspects of karate.