SHOTORAMA is super-excited to feature some great instructors from across the KUGB Southern region, bringing together a broad range of experience and technical knowhow, as well as a love of teaching karate. They are also fabulous people, having offered to come and teach at Shotorama for free!

Click through the links to find our instructor profiles as we publish them.

Sensei Dave Graham, 6th dan, Basingstoke SKC

Sensei John Parnell, 6th dan, Basingstoke SKC

Sensei Dave Austin, 5th dan, Egham Karate Club

Sensei Neil Jerome, 5th dan, Kanshin Karate Club

Sensei Blyth Baker, 4th dan, Egham Karate Club

Sensei Kate Taylor, 3rd dan, HaslemereĀ SKC

Sensei Chris Mulville, 3rd dan, Shiseikan SKC

Sensei Frank Jennings, 2nd dan, Senshi Karate

Sensei Avi Wolfsthal, 1st dan, Kanshin Karate Club

We are supremely grateful to all the SHOTORAMA instructors for helping to get this project off the ground and volunteering their time and expertise. Thanks to the SHOTORAMA committee – Avi, Neil, and John – who also did all the development and logistics work behind the scenes.