David Graham, 6th Dan

Sensei Dave Graham is the most senior of our instructors on the SHOTORAMA line-up, and is a well-known presence in the KUGB and in the southern region especially. He has his own profile on the KUGB instructor’s page, so check that out also for more details on Dave’s background.
Dave answered our questions with the apology that he has been rather busy lately, so we are pleased he was able to find the time for us. And while it is nice to find out a little more about Dave’s background, those who have trained with him know that his rank and experience speak for themselves…
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when did you start karate, and how long have you been training?
Started May 1973 which is 45 years
what club are you at now, how did the club get started, how long has it been running?
Basingstoke SKC started May 1973 at Basingstoke Sports Centre by a 1st Dan called Mike Pike from Portsmouth SKC, he left the club in 1979 with myself 1st Kyu at the time one of 3 people continued to running the club until this day
have you tried/ do you have experience in other martial arts?
who have been your major influences/instructors?
Sensei Enoeda, Sensei Sherry plus the other Senior KUGB Instructors
how would you describe your philosophy/attitude to karate?
This not a simple question to answer as my attitude has evolved over the years, in the early days it was train hard, be tough, sweat and virtaully die for the cause but then as I moved up the grades especially around 2nd Dan time the realisation came that there was more to karate than physical strength but strength of mind and character plus maintaining a high standard.
what experiences from outside the dojo do you bring to your training/teaching?
Life experiences
how does karate influence your life outside the dojo?
Its moulded my character being able to keep calm with whatever problems life has thrown at me
what is your favourite part/aspect of karate training?
do you have a favourite exercise/drill/kata?
Favourite Drill ‘ Punching Combinations’
how would your students describe you/your lessons/club?
Not heard them say it but I probably push them too hard
what challenges/ambitions do you have?
To train until I die
do you have any particularly memorable highlights of your karate career (so far)?
Obtaining my 6th Dan

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