Asai-Ryu kata – Notes by Sensei Parnell

SHOTORAMA : “Asai” Kata Session JUNRO Junro   :   “Step by Step” Kata Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan and Godan KAKUYOKU Kakuyoku  :  “Crane Wing” Shodan, Nidan and Sandan Natural Element Kata Brothers and sisters of “Unsu” : Hands like Clouds Kashu  :  Hands Like Fire Suishu  : Hands Like Water Roshu  :   Hands like Waves Other […]

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Programme Expansion

Success is always a good thing, but sometimes it brings its own challenges. Early registration has exceeded expectation, which means we’ll have a great event, but also meant that we, the organisers, had to expand our programme. One of the unique features of SHOTORAMA is that we combine the atmosphere of a big gasshuku event […]

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The Fence against knife attack

Sensei Dave Austin, 5th dan, will be giving one of his fantastic “the fence” workshops, and this time focused on dealing with knife attacks. Participants in the workshop will use washable felt‑tip markers to simulate knife attacks. If you attend please bring an old t‑shirt to wear instead of your gi jacket. The markers are […]

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John McClelland

John McClelland joins the SHOTORAMA team of instructors with a particular skill set to offer, and will be taking one of the technical workshops new for 2019. From his experience of working at the coalface of the legal system, Sensei John will be presenting an informed discussion of the meaning and implication of self-defence from […]

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