Opening SHOTORAMA to the world!


Some URGENT and EXCITING news from camp shotorama! Prepare yourselves: if you are sitting down, you’d better stand up, because you’re going to want to sit down when you hear…

SHOTORAMA is now open to ALL KARATEKA, not just KUGB!

It makes sense, really; the full day of training and workshops we have put together as the SHOTORAMA line-up is something we want to share with everyone. Peace, love, and kicks to the face for all! It took a little bit of extra organising, which is why we’re announcing it now, but there is still time to advertise to all of your karate friends from different associations and get them in during the early-bird pricing. Don’t delay! We’re excited by the chance to offer a truly inclusive event, and hopefully make more karate friends and add to the unique festival atmosphere of SHOTORAMA.

Also, some of the workshops are getting close to filling up their limited places, so remember that signing up early not only gives you the price discount but is more likely to ensure you get into your first choice of workshops!

As always, browse the site for details and sign up using the bookings page.



Free* as a bird…


June is early-bird discount month! Not only is SHOTORAMA, the year’s go-to festival of shotokan, bringing you 6 hours of top-quality karate instruction from the southern region for the bargain cost of £25 (adults, £15 children under 14), but courageous souls who sign up before 30th June will get an extra £5 off the ticket price!

It’s a deal! It’s a steal! It’s sale-of-the-shotokan-century!

Hurry along to the the workshops page before heading to the bookings page to sign-up for your top choices of topics including improving acceleration (Footloose, Footloose), kumite tactics (Secrets of PsyOps), and non-shotokan kata (Shot From a Different Canon) among others!

More updates in the coming weeks,



This must be what a social media strategy feels like

People are signing up!

It’s really happening. Or at least, it’s early days and all we can really say is that it has started, but the thrill of it is hard to ignore. I’m looking forward to see how how it all pans out.

And in the meantime we have no time to be idle; we need to make posters, updates that can advertise all of our great instructors, and what will (for me at least) be the highlight of the focused workshops. I want to say they are unique to SHOTORAMA, but honestly I don’t know if that’s really true, I just know I’m excited by the idea, and that in all the training I’ve done around the world I’ve never seen it before.

The workshops can only function in the SHOTORAMA festival-type format, with multiple parallel sessions, and with a small-group intimacy we look forward to an great atmosphere of friends coming together.

Its true we all have blind spots in our karate, things we know we probably should spend more time on and develop. There will be a place for that. But more than this, I’m excited to know that all our instructors will be bringing their own specialties, insights, revelations, and unique inspirations. SHOTORAMA will be a place, a time, an event, to lean on and learn from these different philosophies and technical expertise, and to share in the joy of difficult things mastered and perfected. And there is nothing better than to learn something from someone who is passionate about their subject. I can’t wait to discover it all.

There will be more updates as we go; remember to ‘like’ the facebook page to get those updates as they are released, and to sign up early for the (really quite reasonable!) discounted price!


Deep Breath In


Well, looks like we’re finally ready to launch!

Here at the start of May, I already feel like we’ve come a long way. The immense number of emails, messages, and conversations over the last couple of months have been slowly chipping away, revealing something of substance underneath the blank slate we started with, and now it’s time to show it to people – to you – and see what happens. It’s crunch time. It’s time to do or die. It’s time to play the music; it’s time to light the lights…

So! Welcome to our plan for SHOTORAMA, 2018, and we hope you’ll join us. We hope you’ll tell your friends, and maybe make a plan to come along together!

The plan for SHOTORAMA is ambitious and exciting, and we’re really glad we could secure as many great instructors as we did to give you a great day’s training and celebration of the martial art we share. I really think this is something a bit new, and definitely special. In the coming months we’ll flesh out some more details, and put out some materials that will hopefully get you excited about what to expect. Check back here or watch for our updates as we go.

Take a few minutes to look around the site, see what we have planned, and then go along to the booking page and sign up for SHOTORAMA! Because really: how much would you normally pay for an hour or two of high-level instruction? Maybe £10 to £20? How about the same price for six hours, from some of the region’s highest-ranking instructors, giving personal feedback on focussed topics in workshops that you get to choose in advance?

You get to be one of the very first on board the festival bus. You’ll be the one able to say to everyone: ‘I was there at the very beginning, I helped make it happen’. And you know, how could it ever be the same without you? 🙂