John McClelland

John McClelland joins the SHOTORAMA team of instructors with a particular skill set to offer, and will be taking one of the technical workshops new for 2019. From his experience of working at the coalface of the legal system, Sensei John will be presenting an informed discussion of the meaning and implication of self-defence from a legal perspective. Offering insights into how violence is viewed from a legal viewpoint, participants of the workshop will get a glimpse into the complex and subtle ideas of personal responsibility and liability. Often neglected by karate clubs that may focus entirely on the physical practice of self-defence, understanding these ideas provides a broader and thus more complete context for the use – and non-use – of martial art skill. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss scenarios.
Although Sensei John’s role in SHOTORAMA’s instructor line-up will be for the non-physical side, he is also a qualified KUGB instructor. He was a long-time member of the kenmei shotokan club, training under Sensei Neil all the way through the kyu grades and achieved shodan in 2014, at the same grading as Sensei Avi. Coincidentally, that grading was held in Guildford, so we welcome John back to Guildford to join the SHOTORAMA team, completing the circle from student, to teacher, and as an old friend.
John, pictured right, after attaining shodan together with Avi (left) and Debbie who also graded together, and their instructor Neil.

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