Programme Expansion

Success is always a good thing, but sometimes it brings its own challenges. Early registration has exceeded expectation, which means we’ll have a great event, but also meant that we, the organisers, had to expand our programme.

One of the unique features of SHOTORAMA is that we combine the atmosphere of a big gasshuku event with the advantages of a small scale lesson through our workshops. Because of the number of attendees we realised that we needed to add a couple of workshops to the morning session to ensure we deliver the right experience.

Fortunately help was on hand and we could scarcely wish for anyone more experienced than sensei Dave Graham, who was very kind to agree to join our roster on short notice.

Sensei Dave will be teaching the morning plenary session together with sensei John. He will also teach a kumite workshop in the second round (12:00 – 13:00): Kumite – from kihon ippon to jiyu-kumite. This workshop will provide an examiner’s view of the qualities one needs to demonstrate when grading all the way from kihon ippon kumite through to jiyu kumite.

We’ve also added a workshop in the first round (12:10 – 12:55) which will be delivered by sensei Neil. For this workshop we brought back one of the most popular workshops from 2018: Elastic to What You’re Good At. This workshops focuses on developing faster snapping techniques through the use of the body’s own elasticity.

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