Early Bird is Open!

here we go! after all the preparation of the new instructor line-up and the new schedule, making a new website and designing a new logo (hope you like it!), we are ready to take bookings! if you were at the first SHOTORAMA, last year, then you already know what a bargain the day is. there’s […]

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the final count-DAN!

as we are now into the last couple of weeks before SHOTORAMA, a quick reminder to ALL DAN GRADES, southern region or not, KUGB or not, that we have a great program for you and hope you’ll join us (sign up: shotorama.com)! in our previous posts you can read all about our instructors, including some […]

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Chris Mulville, 3rd Dan

Chris was one of the first instructors we asked to come on board to SHOTORAMA, and also one of the first to agree, and so we are grateful to him for showing such enthusiasm for the project, and helping us realise that our plans could become reality. Chris will be a familiar face for everyone […]

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David Graham, 6th Dan

Sensei Dave Graham is the most senior of our instructors on the SHOTORAMA line-up, and is a well-known presence in the KUGB and in the southern region especially. He has his own profile on the KUGB instructor’s page, so check that out also for more details on Dave’s background. Dave answered our questions with the […]

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Frank Jennings, 2nd Dan

Frank is another one of our southern regioners who made the move from training into teaching after finding himself without a local KUGB club; he now runs Senshi karate in London, actively cultivates relationships with other clubs and guest instructors, and particularly encourages families to train together. Frank’s friendly and easy-going nature makes him a […]

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