the final count-DAN!

as we are now into the last couple of weeks before SHOTORAMA, a quick reminder to ALL DAN GRADES, southern region or not, KUGB or not, that we have a great program for you and hope you’ll join us (sign up:!

in our previous posts you can read all about our instructors, including some of the feedback from their students: “classes are packed with a fantastic level of technical detail”, “a unique teaching approach … I highly recommend….”, “the most supportive and awesome sensei”, and much more!

and did you know we have former world champions, former kata squad members, former kumite squad members, southern region champions, and instructors with over 40 years’ experience in the line-up?

our dan-grades only workshops are perfect for advanced training, including specific focus on kaeshi-ippon kumite, dan grading preparation and feedback from some of the southern regions most senior instructors, and/or the chance to stretch yourselves with advanced kata and kumite topics!

(and yes, you get a certificate and the SHOTORAMA goodies for attending, just like the kids do.) sign up now, and we’ll see you there!



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