SHOTORAMA: reloaded!

with little over 3 months to go the SHOTORAMA team has been busy planning this year’s event! we were thrilled with the success of 2018, and have kept much of the format the same, meaning we will have the same overall feel and format. we’ve also introduced a number of improvements, from lessons we learnt along the way and also following feedback we have received from you.

children’s programme!

last year’s event was the first ever SHOTORAMA, so naturally we had to make some assumptions during planning, and one of the factors we hadn’t anticipated last year was how important children would be as a key demographic. we love you guys, and we want to give you the best time!

in order to ensure that the event better meets the needs of children, we have introduced a completely separate and specialised programme for kids. this is perhaps the most significant change to the event, and will enable use to deliver content that is better suited to meet the needs and abilities of both children and adults.

theoretical workshops!

another exiting change is the addition of breakaway theoretical workshops, delivered by an expert on the subject. we introduced these workshops both because we believe that theoretical development is complementary to practical training, but also in response to feedback from some attendees that felt that a full day of physical training was too intensive. the workshop will thus be suitable for anybody interested in expanding the knowledge, or just seeking a brief respite from training, or both. also, the theoretical workshops are open to people who are not training (e.g. attending parents).

staggered registration!

registration on the day will open at 10am, with training starting at 11am. it will be possible to skip the first session, with attendees will be able to register until 12am. we made this change both in response to feedback about about the day being too long for some, and also in order to allow attendees who come from further afield more time to travel on the day without having to set out too early. kindly note that for safety it will not be possible to join the morning session once it starts, and if you register after 11 for whatever reason you will have to wait until the workshops begin.

longer breaks!

again, in response to feedback from last year, the timetable allows for breaks of at least 10 minutes between sessions. more time for comfort breaks, drinks, and so forth. there will be a 30 minute break for lunch.

reloaded. upgraded. even more -ORAMA than before!

overall, the SHOTORAMA schedule for 2019 reflects some refinements to the format, but also some exciting new ideas for workshop topics from our new line-up of instructors. find out more details by exploring the site and by liking our facebook page in order to get updates.

the shotorama team.


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