Buckle up you lovelies, here is the programme for SHOTORAMA 2022!

The format for SHOTORAMA, like the line-up of instructors, is a little different every time. This year, you will need to select and sign up for one stream only, following it throughout. Please read through the workshop descriptions below and choose the stream you want to take part in, before heading over to the bookings page. It’s that simple! Well, it’s a little bit complicated, but if you read below it will all make sense!

Note: the colours of the streams are just to identify them, and not related to karate belts! In general, all streams will be suitable for all grades. More junior members are perhaps better suited to the red stream, whereby they remain in the ‘main stage’ area (the action suite) where we will have a ‘chill out’ zone for anyone wanting to rest.

OK then, here we go:


The day will run with three areas concurrently; the ‘main stage’ area in the action suite and with a larger group, and two ‘fringe’ areas in the adjacent quash courts, which are better suited to the smaller, more analytical workshops. We begin and end the day as always with everyone together for the welcome and farewell formalities.

Browse the descriptions here to get a full sense of what is on offer, then scroll down to see the different options laid out so you can choose the right stream for you, which you specify when you make your booking.


Main Stage (Red, Orange, Green): Sensei Neil
“One beginning, Many Ends”
Opening on the main stage, Sensei Neil’s session looks at the idea of flow and response to the opponent’s movement; how the details of what you do can begin to take a back seat to the overall goal and intention. What starts as one technique can become another, or many, or anything the situation asks for.

Fringe 1 (Purple): Sensei Kate
“Off-Piste Oyo”
Sensei Kate brings us a workshop for applications (oyo) enthusiasts of all abilities and experience, as she takes a close look at close quarters! Be ready for everything that goes beyond strikes and blocks; take a different look at your kata to find joint locks, chokes, & throws.

Fringe 2 (Blue): Sensei Adam
“Last One Standing”
Sensei Adam takes on the topic of jiyu kumite for this specialised workshop, and shows how to take on anyone!


Main Stage (Red, Blue, Purple): Sensei David
“Celebrating the Simple Things”
In this session, Students can focus on improving the delivery of simple karate techniques; Sensei David will present exercises inspired by games and activities from childhood. By developing the simple aspects of your karate it can lead you to believe that you can achieve almost anything!

Fringe 1 (Orange): Sensei Avi
A small word hiding a whole world. Sensei Avi goes beyond that single slippery suggestion you’ve heard a million times, and takes a deep and detailed look at what it means, and more importantly how to do it. Be Soft, to Hit Hard!

Fringe 2 (Green): Sensei Adam
“Smash Bang Wallop Floor”
Never one to mince words or techniques, Sensei Adam invites you to put his own no-nonsense pair work drills to the test! You might – or might not – be surprised where you end up…


Main Stage (Red, Green, Purple): Sensei John
“Mastering Mindset”
As SHOTORAMA’s most senior instructor, sensei John shares his ideas on how mindset transforms and elevates technique. He is joined by sensei Neil for this masterclass of class and mastery.

Fringe 1 (Blue): Sensei Avi
“Kata: embusen, bunkai, & why everything is relative”
The niju kun tells us ‘Perform kata exactly. Bunkai is another matter.’ Moving from one to the other requires an insight into how to interpret the directions of the kata, which are not always obvious. Join Sensei Avi as he shows you the clues to understanding relative movement for better, more intuitive applications.

Fringe 2 (Orange): Sensei David
“Draw Me a Picture”
Get your tic tacs out! Sensei David leads a session designed to prompt the group to think about and share their experiences regarding the use of tactics in kumite and how these can be applied in the right situation.


Main Stage (Red, Orange, Blue): Sensei Adam
“Fights, Kata, Action!
Applications work, or bunkai, can sometimes seem mysterious, especially with more advanced and complicated kata. In this closing main stage session, Sensei Adam invites all grades (knowing advanced kata is not required!) to enjoy some bunkai and see some higher grade kata in context, and in action.

Fringe 1 (Green): Sensei John
“Hachimon: GO!”
Always a popular choice of workshop, and a chance to learn something totally new! Join Shotorama’s highest-ranking instructor Sensei John as he presents another non-shotokan kata. This year he will present the kata hachimon (‘8 directions’). A rare treat for the kata enthusiast!

Fringe 2 (Purple): Sensei Neil
Everything Hinges on This
How to turn contradictions into effective techniques – by understanding the hinge points of movements. Sensei Neil presents one (more) of his idiosyncratic technical theories on how karate really does make sense when you think about it, and asks: are you an eccentric pendulum, or a pair of compasses?

NOW… Choose your STREAM!

Here is where you can look through the different streams, and decide which programme you want for your very own SHOTORAMA 2022 experience! The colour is what you will specify when you make your booking.

The RED stream is all on the main stage and is ideal for kids, so they stay in one place. All other streams have two lessons on the main stage and two workshops at the fringes. Workshop names are italicised:

Neil – One beginning, Many Ends
Avi – Relax!
David – Draw Me a Picture
Adam – Fights, Kata, Action!

BLUE Oyster Cult:
Adam – Last One Standing
David – Celebrating the Simple Things
Avi –
Kata: embusen, bunkai, & why everything is relative
Adam –
Fights, Kata, Action!

Neil – One beginning, Many Ends
Adam – Smash Bang Wallop Floor
John – Mastering Mindset
JohnHachimon: GO!

Kate – Off-Piste Oyo
David – Celebrating the Simple Things
John – Mastering Mindset
Everything Hinges on This

RED Hot Chili Peppers:
Neil – One beginning, Many Ends
David – Celebrating the Simple Things
John – Mastering Mindset
– Fights, Kata, Action!

So that’s it! Once you’ve decided the stream for you, head right on over to our booking page where you will get final instructions on how to become one of our favourite people (hint: its buying a ticket)!

Way to go! Well done you.