This must be what a social media strategy feels like

People are signing up!

It’s really happening. Or at least, it’s early days and all we can really say is that it has started, but the thrill of it is hard to ignore. I’m looking forward to see how how it all pans out.

And in the meantime we have no time to be idle; we need to make posters, updates that can advertise all of our great instructors, and what will (for me at least) be the highlight of the focused workshops. I want to say they are unique to SHOTORAMA, but honestly I don’t know if that’s really true, I just know I’m excited by the idea, and that in all the training I’ve done around the world I’ve never seen it before.

The workshops can only function in the SHOTORAMA festival-type format, with multiple parallel sessions, and with a small-group intimacy we look forward to an great atmosphere of friends coming together.

Its true we all have blind spots in our karate, things we know we probably should spend more time on and develop. There will be a place for that. But more than this, I’m excited to know that all our instructors will be bringing their own specialties, insights, revelations, and unique inspirations. SHOTORAMA will be a place, a time, an event, to lean on and learn from these different philosophies and technical expertise, and to share in the joy of difficult things mastered and perfected. And there is nothing better than to learn something from someone who is passionate about their subject. I can’t wait to discover it all.

There will be more updates as we go; remember to ‘like’ the facebook page to get those updates as they are released, and to sign up early for the (really quite reasonable!) discounted price!


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