Free* as a bird…


June is early-bird discount month! Not only is SHOTORAMA, the year’s go-to festival of shotokan, bringing you 6 hours of top-quality karate instruction from the southern region for the bargain cost of £25 (adults, £15 children under 14), but courageous souls who sign up before 30th June will get an extra £5 off the ticket price!

It’s a deal! It’s a steal! It’s sale-of-the-shotokan-century!

Hurry along to the the workshops page before heading to the bookings page to sign-up for your top choices of topics including improving acceleration (Footloose, Footloose), kumite tactics (Secrets of PsyOps), and non-shotokan kata (Shot From a Different Canon) among others!

More updates in the coming weeks,



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