Opening SHOTORAMA to the world!


Some URGENT and EXCITING news from camp shotorama! Prepare yourselves: if you are sitting down, you’d better stand up, because you’re going to want to sit down when you hear…

SHOTORAMA is now open to ALL KARATEKA, not just KUGB!

It makes sense, really; the full day of training and workshops we have put together as the SHOTORAMA line-up is something we want to share with everyone. Peace, love, and kicks to the face for all! It took a little bit of extra organising, which is why we’re announcing it now, but there is still time to advertise to all of your karate friends from different associations and get them in during the early-bird pricing. Don’t delay! We’re excited by the chance to offer a truly inclusive event, and hopefully make more karate friends and add to the unique festival atmosphere of SHOTORAMA.

Also, some of the workshops are getting close to filling up their limited places, so remember that signing up early not only gives you the price discount but is more likely to ensure you get into your first choice of workshops!

As always, browse the site for details and sign up using the bookings page.


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